indexI wanted to let you all know that Temple Recruitment is a proud supporter of a truly worthy charity – The Lighthouse Club.  Established almost 60 years ago in 1956, they have raised £12.5 million for construction workers and their families. They provide financial assistance, welfare and wellbeing advice, emotional and legal support for construction industry workers and their families who have fallen on hard times.

This is a really important issue because construction is one of the highest risk industries to work in.  Although only 5% of employees in Britain work in construction, it accounts for 31% of fatal injuries and 10% of major/reported injuries.  In real terms, that’s 42 deaths in 2014/15 and to me, that’s 42 too many. My partner has his own construction company and many of my friends and family work in the industry too, so anything that I can do to support them in being safe at work is an absolute must for me.

The Lighthouse Club also develop a range of initiatives to avoid accidents at work such as their Safety Improvement Reporting scheme, where you can call up to report a ‘near miss’ or suggested safety improvement and have the Lighthouse Club team forward on the necessary paperwork about the required improvements for the company to then action.  And the signs suggest that this is working too – figures are showing that safety on site is improving and that the number of incidents is reducing.  You can contact the team on their 24/7 helpline 0845 605 1956.

The team at Temple Recruitment Specialists take the safety of our staff extremely seriously. We only place candidates with reputable companies, those we have worked with for a long time and who take safety as seriously as we do. We ensure all our staff wear their PPE equipment at all times and offer guidance and training should it be necessary.  Our policy is for staff to report any ‘near misses’ or incidents at a site in the site manager’s accident book, so that any action can be taken as necessary to protect all staff on the site.

I will be looking to do some further fund raising for the Lighthouse Club in the new year, so keep your eye out for posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more details. And if you’re looking for a new opportunity, please don’t forget to join our exclusive jobs board on Facebook.
Best wishes

Claire Griffin


Temple Recruitment Specialists