At Temple recruitment we are striving to improve our service every step of the way, as a candidate you’re our most valued asset. Our ability to place you in the most suitable role relies on the strength of our relationship. Your hard work, honesty and diligence backed up with the experience and qualifications in your chosen field become the basic requirement to working under the Temple Recruitment umbrella.

We are dedicated to working on your behalf to place you in the best available roles in your chosen field and in return we ask:

Please conduct yourself on site as a responsible and reliable member of the team, always flying the Temple Recruitment flag.

Telephone a Temple Recruitment consultant before 7.30am each and every day of your assignment if you are not be able to attend.

Return your timesheet signed by both yourself and an authorised member of management at your assignment no later than 4pm on Monday to receive payment on the Friday. We can not guarantee payment if it is received any later or without the required signatures.

Your site manager will agree break times with you when you start your assignment, It is at the clients discretion to whether you will be paid for these.

Please make sure that the site management team are fully aware where you are at all times on site, this is a health and safety requirement.

Should you have an accident or near miss whilst on your assignment please inform the site manager immediately and complete the accident book and / or further documentation as required from the specific client.

Your health and safety is of our upmost importance. Please make sure that you wear your full PPE at all times.

If you have any issues on your assignment please contact a member of the Temple Recruitment team and we will do our best to resolve your issue as quickly as we can.

We receive a large number of same day bookings and 1 day bookings both of which can often lead to long term work, once registering with us please try to remain flexible and ready to get to work at short notice…. it could turn out to be the job of a life time!

If for any reason you have any issues with your weekly wage it is important that you raise these queries with a member of our team first. It is not the responsibility of the client to deal with these.

- The Temple Recruitment Team -